The AR100-B from the product series of AirRobot GmbH & Co. KG is a VTOL Micro-UAV-system. Its military use in the most diverse and extreme environmental conditions makes this system a universal tool for observation / reconnaissance / inspection.


AR100-C (foldable)

The AR100-C embodies the optimum symbiosis from proven technology and new design:

- Digital video and digital control at real-time

- Modular payload concept with multifarious choice

- New folding mechanism for space-saving and comfortable transport, as well as quick readiness for duty



    The AR180: The solution in the 5 kg class. Its specific features:

    - big range >5 km and flight time >40min.
    - new folding system = space-saving and comfortable transport with quick readiness for duty
    - modular payload concept with camera- and sensor payloads up to 1.5 kg
    - actively stabilised camera-gimbal available


    The AR200 unites all advantages of the AirRobot product series:

    - digital data transmission and control on a real-time basis
    - modular payload concept with camera and sensor-payloads up to 1.5 kg
    - big reach and long flying time

    The new folding system of the AR200 allows a space-saving and comfortable transport.

    Mobile System

    Mobile System

    The system can be used quickly and simply due to the back packaging of the ARB100-B. The integrated ground control station permits the use of the system by a single pilot.

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